December Trip ; Day 1

After weeks and weeks of counting down and anticipation, it was finally the second week of December. Needless to say, I was ecstatic and hyped about the fact that I was going somewhere. To me, it did not really matter where I was going, I just wanted to be anywhere but here (preferrably a cold place, of course). I packed too many clothes, as usual. I had these outfits planned in my head but of course, only a few of the outfits came in handy and the others just did not work out due to certain circumstances. For instance, the weather.

On the 9th of December, we left at 8am (with a half empty stomach) and headed towards Bidor, Perak for breakfast. The jam on the highway was simply insane but luckily, driver that we hired knew his way around so we got there within two hours.

Pun Chun Restaurant :

The soup has herbs and they use egg noodles (the wantan mee kind) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

We then carried on with our trip to Penang, our next destination was Bukit Bendera (Flag Hill? I have no idea. But my mom calls it Wednesday Hill because in Cantonese it sounds vaguely like the word Wednesday) .

We took the new bridge instead of the old one to cross over to Penang Island. The view was simply breathtaking. I personally prefer this route rather than the old one because you get like 15 minutes of the sea view while for the old one you get like 5 minutes or so?

海连天, 天连海。
According to the van driver, this bridge was built by a Chinese Construction Group hired by the government. They did a great job and they built it in less than 2 years (or was it 1)?
A part of the triangle thing that we see when we think of the Penang Bridge.

Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera)

Tickets and map of Bukit Bendera.

Up and up!

The view on the hill was spectacular.

View on Penang Hill.

They even had the binoculars thing in case you decide to stalk someone on the Penang Hill. RM2.00 for a minute or two, anyone?

Time for some serious sightseeing (or stalking).

They also had some stalls and temples on the hill. And you can see some monkeys around!

But you should not feed the monkeys.
A love bridge with locks that have multilingual love messages.
I have no idea what is the purpose of this but it was there so I took a picture of it.

Oh and there was a series on unfortunate events that happened when we took the tram down the hill. I’m feeling a little lazy so I’ll just copy paste my conversation with my friends.

Then when i got into the tram it was super stuffy .

After the doors closed i felt air in my ears.

Then i started to feel lighteaded and then it started descending.

l was starting to feel dizzy and i couldnt stand properly

I held my cousin and i told her that I wasnt feeling good.

Then i felt worse.

I held her with two hands and I was seeing dark spots.

Then I was leaning on to my cousin because I was feeling unsteady.

And i was drifting between consciousness

And i vaguely heard my cousin ask someone for a seat and someone pulled me down to sit.

Then everything went black.

Then i felt like i was sweating my balls off.

When i opened my eyes everyone in the cabin was looking at me.

So I decided that it was my last time going to this place. Bad memories.

After a series of unfortunate events, we had dinner at Gurney Drive, a hawker centre. I was feeling too ill to take any photos so it’s just text from here onwards. It was not crowded when we got there but according to the locals, it starts getting packed around 6pm so it’s best to go around 5pm to get a spot. When we finished our meal, we checked into the Hotel (I’ll get into the details in my next post). I fell asleep and woke up to doughnuts and Starbucks (at 10pm!!). Oh boy, I love my cousin and brother so much (cries) ! But I went back to sleep after my meal and it marked the end of Chervon’s December Trip, Day 1.

Hope you all had fun reading my super extra and long blog post. ♡


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