December Trip ; Day 2 part 1

Due to someone’s excessive snoring (I’m not going to mention who, but it was someone), I barely had a wink of sleep. The phone in the hotel room was ear-splitting, but of course I was already awake before the 6.30am morning call because of someone. 

[Let’s just skip the breakfast part because it’s not important, it was basic.] 

The van driver arrived around 9am and we drove out to the city. We were staying in Batu Feringgi, by the way. The roads that lead to Batu Feringgi were winding, which isn’t really a fun thing if you have motion sickness, like me.

Penang Botanic Garden was our first destination of the day. I forgot to take a picture of the entrance but it’s okay because it was just a boring signboard anyways. 

In case you don’t know where you want to go, there’s a signboard metres away from the entrance.
Snapped a picture of the map because they don’t give them out for free and I’m paranoid of getting lost.

We paid a couple of bucks to take a ride on the buggy for a tour around the Botanic Garden (because my soul didn’t have the willpower to do a year’s worth of exercise). On a side note, most tourist attractions in Penang require you to flash your IC to prove that you’re a Malaysian or else they’ll charge you with the price of a foreigner. 

The Botanic Garden was basically just lots of floras and some faunas. The air was fresh and there was a waterfall but I couldn’t snap a picture because I couldn’t find my phone. But I found it (at the back of my shorts) right after we passed the waterfall because fate likes to play me like that.

There was a garden in the garden which was called Orchidarium. 

Orchidarium in Botanic Garden.

I saw a monkey before entering the Orchidarium and it looked like an old man because it was fur all over it’s snout! 

Old man monkey approaching.
Old man monkey finds girl with small box uninteresting so he climbs up the wall to spite human girl.

There was a lot of Moss and fungi all around the Orchidarium although it was supposed to be an Orchidarium. 

Not an Orchid in sight.
I have no idea if this was an Orchid or not, but it was a flower so I took a picture.
Orchid, is that you?

I initially planned on getting some postcards but sadly none of them were related to the Botanical Garden  (which is actually pretty ridiculous) so I ended up walking out empty handed. 

The tiles outside of the souvenir shop. I know it’s not aligned parallel to the frame but I was in a rush because other people were staring at me.

The van driver told us that there were a few religious places that were worth visiting because of their history and amazing architecture. The first temple that we visited was the Wat Chayamangkalaram Thai Buddhist Temple

Majestic exterior.
After walking across their parking lot, you’ll be greeted by two shiny golden dragons and two tall statues.

Lotus symbolises purity in Buddhism, needless to say, this flower was seen at many places in the temple. 

Lotus flower on window pane.
Lotus flower on floor tiles.
A panorama of Buddha.

Remember Pibulsongkram from our history textbooks? There was a library there dedicated to him!

He was a good king in Thailand and the citizens loved him dearly.

We also visited the Myanmar (Burmese) Buddhist Temple which was directly across the street, Dhammikarama Burmese Temple.

I didn’t manage to take a picture of the entrance but I did take a shot of the hallway which came after the entrance. 

Hallway with stores that sells incense (joss sticks) and religious things.

My mom and I walked around taking pictures (doing tourist stuff) and managed to take some decent shots.  I personally liked their garden really much so all of these pictures are from their garden. 

Fairies by the small pond.
There was a well near the temple.

I had lots of activities on this day so I don’t want to bore you all with a long blog post (sorry, I’m separating it), I hope you all understand! Don’t worry though, I’ll post it really soon. 

Thank you for reading and please do PM me in you have any suggestions or opinions! 


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