December Trip ; Day 2 part 2 

Hi all! Thanks for actually coming back, I really appreciate it ♡ After our visitation to the temples, we went to Chew Jetty. As usual, I wasn’t being tourist enough and forgot to take a picture of the entrance and signboard but I did take and picture of the painting of the temple that was outside of the jetty.

Nice painting with bad reflection.

The floorings at Chew Jetty were all wooden boards, it was practically a water village (which it probably is). It’s really crowded there during the weekends, we learned it the hard way. And they have motorcycles around delivering goods (sounds dangerous but it’s actually pretty chill). Here are some things that I saw at the Jetty.


When you get to the end of the jetty, you’ll be greeted by fishing boats and get a wide view of the sea.

Almost at the end but not there yet.

Panoramic view of the sea at the end of the jetty.

After leaving the jetty, we had a tour around Georgetown to look at some of the street art.

A random photo that turned out good somehow. Most of the street arts are near or at this alley.

Oversized cat.


When I was taking this photo some angmoh was nearby and we he tried to take my spot because I had shade and it was so sunny and hot.

The chinese character says noodles!

The van was moving so I couldn’t take a nice shot.

They’re everywhere!

It me.

After our tour, we had Char Koay Teow and I forgot to take a picture again (sigh). But at least on our way back we passed the Penang navy base and had a eyeful of a breathtaking sea view.

When I took this a police car drove past and the two policemen looked at me and I got scared but it’s okay it was worth it because look at this beautiful panoramic shot.

We also passed a baba-nyonya hotel that was really really nice. Mr. Van driver said that it’s super exclusive because the owner bought the entire row of shop lots and it only has like 7 rooms or so. The service is good too, I heard.


We went swimming after we got back to the hotel but that’s not important because it’s time to talk about the hotel and dinner. Okay, so I stayed at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. The service was pretty great minus the part where you have to drive on winding roads to get to Batu Feringgi (again, I have motion sickness).

This was at the lobby.

John, George, Paul and Ringo.

For dinner, we ate at Hard Rock cafe (which naturally, is at HRH). The chandelier at the cafe was super cool so I made a slideshow with my voice over >>

Panoramic view on the second floor of Hard Rock Cafe.

Now, the food. We ordered a set meal for 5. There was a choice between chicken or beef and we chose chicken!

Seafood chowder that come with the set.
Onion rings, pasta, grilled scampi

, buffalo wings and drumsticks and chicken burgers. The set came with desserts.

Overly sweet brownie with good vanilla ice cream.

The hotel provided free shutters after dusk that’d take the hotel guests around Batu Feringgi. Did I mention that there was a Starbucks in Batu Feringgi which had a merchandise shop and it was by the beach. So basically it was coffee and chill BY THE BEACH. This time, I remembered to take a picture.

BEACH BEACH BEACH. I didn’t take a picture of the beach because it was dark and all you’d see is darkness.
Peppermint Mocha Frappucino. I said Santa, he heard me loud and clear but some baristas just like to pretend that they can’t spell. Sandtar Claus is coming to town. To give you sand and tar. Nice.

That night, I met this guy that looked like Lee Chong Wei but he was Singaporean. I wanted to befriend him because how cool is it having a friend that looks like a national athlete? But I didn’t because I’m just awkward like that. His mom was nice though (or his aunt). It was 11pm and nobody cared. If I ever had a chance, no doubt that I’d move to Penang. It’s just a super chill place with great food and nice art everywhere. Simply amazing. That’s it for day 2! Thank you for staying around ♡


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