Tony Moly: Get It Tint  (토니모리: 립톤 겟잇 틴트) review 

Hello everyone! After days and days and days of being on hiatus I decided to come back and turn into a diva (I was already one before this but I went from low key to high key). Also, did you notice how there’s korean characters in the title? I tried typing in Korean again but it took me ages so I just Google searched it and CTRL + V.

My first step of being a diva is to post reviews of things that i have in my drawer (e.g. cosmetics or just beauty products in general) so today I shall review the Tony Moly Get It Tint that they have released quite some time ago. I bought these last year but I never really had a chance to talk about it (to anyone).

There are 6 colours in total that were released for this collection(?) But I got 4, more than half but not the entire collection.

From left: #6, #5, #4, #2

Soooo, here are some swatches on my hand. I wanted to swatch them on my lips but that would be a little (not too) practical because my lips would be stained and the outcome of the swatches wouldn’t be exactly true to its colour.

From top to bottom: #2, #5, #4, #6. (I accidentally messed up the sequence) the one on the left are multiple swipes and the ones on the right are one swipe

It’s a bit funny because the shade #5 is called All Night Red when in actual fact it looks like a dark pink. And #4 is called Red Hot but it’s very orange-y.

Okay so here’s the thing, I have access love-hate relationship with these. No wait, a love-hate relationship with #2, #4, #5 but I absolutely hated #6. The pigmentation is horrible, the staying power is horrible, everything about it is horrible.

But the rest were pretty decent, the pigmentation was pretty good on the lips, the staying power was great too. [Do note the it does have a rather odd taste and sticky feeling and it’s not transfer proof] It’s all great until a few hours later your lips start to feel quite dry and after your meal (if it’s too oily) the colour pigments at the inner part of your lips start to get a little flaky. Also it’s not the best for a gradient lip because it does dry pretty quickly so you gotta be quick before it totally seeps into your lips and stains em.

Here are my thoughts in point form:

  • Colour pigmentation: 💣 pretty lit for a tint
  • Transfer proof: NAH, NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT
  • Moisturising: Not really
  • Gradient lips: Not really
  • Long-lasting: Quite, but I’ve seen better

Would I recommend you to get it?

I mean, if you have extra cash to spare and spend then why not! (Just don’t get shade #6) .

🌟🌟🌟☆☆ <3/5>

Okay guys, this is all for my first attempt to be all diva by posting reviews. Hope you guys had fun reading this as much as I enjoyed typing this :–)


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