Château Labiotte: Wine Lip Tint (샤또 라비오뜨: 와인 립 틴트) review 

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a great day ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Today I’ll be reviewing lip products again (I need to get a grip). They’ve been sitting around in my drawer for quite awhile now but I haven’t been reaching for them often. They’re one of those products that are super ~aesthetic~ which makes you want to get them, but when you do, you find yourself no reaching to them as much as you should be.

The reason why I got it was because it kept on popping onto my recommended anyway, and with the EXO hype and all that (my mutuals said that their lipsticks were good so I had high expectations for their tints too).

Okay, let’s start

I bought the shades (from left) RD01 and RD03.

They were pretty pricey, in my opinion. And looking back now, this was most definitely one of the impulse buys that I regret the most.

Here are some (out of the lines) swatches:

1. Under natural sunlight <on a gloomy day>

(from top) RD01, RD03 [the tape trick didn’t work.]

2. Indoor lighting <directly under a white light source>

(from top) RD01, RD03

RD03 is visibly more sheer compared to the highly pigmented RD01.

3. Somewhere in between outdoor and indoor lighting up close

You can tell how RD03 finally looks redder as it looked quite purple previously.
A typical long, doe foot applicator.


  • The pigmentation and longevity depends on the shade, so it’s a bit of a risk buying it online without switching it.
  • The lip tints have an odd taste to it. It’s not bad it definitely does not taste like wine, which it claims to be infused with. So I’m kind of like?¿
  • It accentuates the dryness of your lips when it fully dries so you have to go through the entire process of exfoliating your lips.

  • It’s not transfer proof!

  • Not quite blend able so it’s difficult to create a gradient look

“Frankly, I regret buying this, I should’ve just saved up and get their lipsticks instead. It was 1am and I was stressed and sad. I cope with stress by buying unneeded crap. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN BETTER” – Me to me everytime I open my drawer and see these two products.

Summary of the entire post:

You don’t need it. You can get something so much better with the price that you’re paying for this. I’d like to classify this as pretty trash, like one my my favourite YouTuber ssin would say.

🌟🌟☆☆☆ <2/5>

Thank you for reading! I tried to include more pictures and less text to make it more interesting but I realised that it was difficult for me to express my thoughts so I went into detail anyway.

Tell me what you think about my posts! I’d love hear from you guys 😊


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