Go Noodle House 有间面馆 

A few days ago, I finally had a chance to try the food at the restaurant ‘Go Noodle House’! I was really excited because all of my friends spoke highly of this restaurant!

A: “I mean, it’s not exactly authentic Chinese food but their noodles are life changing!”

B: “Their meatballs explode in your mouth! It’s simply orgasmic”

Well, the appetisers were great, the Taiwanese sausages were pretty decent, but my mom wasn’t impressed, at all. The ‘fuchok (腐竹)’ was pretty decent too.

But my milk tea didn’t meet my expectations. It tasted of evaporated milk more than anything, it felt like I was drinking icy diluted sweet milk. I mean, I know it’s a noodle restaurant, not a milk tea shop, BUT COME ON YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS.

Okay, so the noodles were served. I ordered a mian xian with some sort of fish balls in supreme soup (it wasn’t supreme at all, in my opinion). Honestly, I was super sad that it wasn’t real vermicelli noodles (the thin kind that had a unique taste) but I was still excited to have a taste of it, regardless.

西刀鱼鱼丸面线 🐟

It was huge letdown for me. The noodles tasted like the fat noodles in “lo mein”, kind of bland. And my fish balls tasted like those prepacked processed fish balls, soft, tender and not tangy. As a fish all enthusiast, I was beyond upset (also because I’m a drama queen). But I also managed to try the “exploding meatballs”. They didn’t explode in my mouth. Sad. But I do applaud them for putting a decent amount of greens in my bowl of noodles, the vegetables were certainly more than other noodle houses that I’ve tried before.

To sum it all up, I don’t think we’ll be going to this noodle house again anytime soon, my family live and breathe Asian food but this just wasn’t our cup of tea (or bowl of noodles). It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had a good bowl of noodles, do you have any good noodle recommendations? Do tweet me or leave me a reply!


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