Ocean Park Hong Kong, HK Trip 2017

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog entry, hasn’t it? Well that’s because I’ve been caught up with school (and also because I suck at taking pictures and who posts blog entries without pictures nowadays??).

Anyway, I went on a trip to Hong Kong last December and I finally got around to transferring to pictures from my camera to my devices. So here I am typing up a blog entry! The upcoming posts won’t be in the correct order (this means that I could be posting day 3 first followed by day 5 and day 1 and so on, but it’s not like I’ll be mentioning when did I visit where anyway lmao).

So during my trip to Hong Kong, I had the chance to visit Ocean Park! It was so amazing and magical (except the part where we had to take the cable car back to the main island but I’ll get to that later).

We took the MTR to the Ocean Park station that morning to avoid crowds and at the station I had the most amazing sandwich and coffee from Maxim‘s. Boy it was crowded and sunny as heck that day. We entered the park and they had a security team to check everyone’s bags to make sure that nobody was bringing in any outside food or dangerous weapons. Upon entering the park we were greeted by this enormous fountain (which I didn’t take a picture of because of the glaring sun). Ocean Park is separated into 2 islands, one is connected to the metro station and the other is only accessible (I think) through the cable car. We decided to visit the part that needed to be accessed via the cable car first.

View from inside of the cable car.
More pictures of the view.

When we got to the island we had a couple of rides and I lost like half of my soul on most of them but it’s okay because I regained them soon after.

We HAD TO take a picture with the penguins on display, obviously.

The section near the drop off point of the cable car was divided to South Pole and North Pole. It would be a little impractical and extremely lengthy if I attached all of the animals and things that I saw inside so I’ll just share some of the more interesting ones.

Little guys was practically sleeping the entire time I stared at it but I managed to take a picture of it moving to another spot to sleep.
Two walrus chilling in the pool two feet apart because they’re not gay.
Look at it go.

Then there was this section where it displayed the dangers of overfishing and importance of sustainable fishing. And more animals!

On its way to get some fish!

Then we entered the jellyfish section! Simply breathtaking.

I have plenty more pictures of jellyfish of different species but that’ll be for another time!

We walked to this section with a really nice vintage setting, like really vintage. And guess what? More aquatic animals but from the prehistoric ages!

I got my brother to take a picture of me and he took this candid of me with seemingly good hair.

It’s me again, but smiling because I love aquatic animals.

By the time we left the prehistoric section is was nightfall already despite it being only 5-ish. So we took the cable car back to the main island.

Surprisingly, there was a goldfish section! I’m not a big fan of goldfish because I used to have like a tank of goldfish as pets but something traumatic happened and now I’m left with bad memories (it involved one of them getting stuck in the tube and going partially blind, don’t ask :c).

They had little boards that you can scribble with whiteboards markers so if the board gets full you can rub someone’s comment off to leave your own 😉
The cousin of my late partially blind buddy.

We managed to catch the tree lighting ceremony. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed.

The tree was pretty but I didn’t get the OOMPH when the emcee finished counting down.

Then we stopped by the panda and red panda section. I couldn’t take any pictures because they were sleeping (??) so we moved on to another section with MORE fishes.

The entire aquarium was joint so the fishes were practically everywhere.

Anyway, who knew that Ocean Park closes this early. We were close to the end of the exit (but I still wasn’t done admiring, sigh) before the workers shoo-ed us out, telling us that it was closing time.

I took this 5 seconds before the workers there shoo-ed us out because they were closing!

I was pretty sad that we had to leave because I really, really enjoyed admiring the wonders of the ocean (sighs dreamily).

“于是我们便依依不舍地踏上了归途 ” — Every single essay back in standard 3.

The metro station!

All in all I really enjoyed my trip to Ocean Park; all of the animals that I saw had huge aquariums to move around in, so don’t worry!

I was going to spill some tea but this blog post is already so long so I’ll make a special tea post for that incident!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my entry, leaving a comment below, beep me (PM) tweet me your thoughts so that I can improve my writing and content!


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