Review: Toners and Mists

I’ve been trying to clear up my vanity lately, well not really a vanity but more like a shelf filled with skincare products. I thought of making a post about “May Favourites” or maybe a “AM/PM Skincare Routine” but I decided to just break it up into multiple posts and review them slowly! I can’t promise that I won’t get lazy and end up doing something like that though.

I’ll be reviewing the few products that I use in my “first step”, which is the step right after I wash my face.

I took ages editing this photo and the background is actually my pyjama pants #exposed .

1. Hada Labo Tamagohada Mild Peeling Lotion

Although the product is called a lotion, a lotion usually refers to a toner in the Japanese skincare world. I use this toner day and night right after washing my face with my cleanser, I use it with a cotton pad as the consistency of it is like water. The product does not have a distinguishable smell too! (So you can literally play it off as water)

The product is mild, as it has already stated in it’s name but it has helped me with the whiteheads and dry skin around my nose (after using it consistently for ~7 days). However, I have yet to see it help with fading my scars or brightening my skin. Perhaps I’ll have to finish at least half a bottle of it to see the actual results?

2. Innisfree Green Tea Mist

I feel like I was talked into buying this by the promoter that kept on babbling about how amazing this product is. In actual fact, she tried to convince me to get the more expensive one, the one with moisturizing oils and a nozzle that was finer. I settled with this one.

I was pleasantly surprised by the cooling sensation that hit my face when I first tried this on a really hot day (I felt as cool as a cucumber~~). Nowadays I use this after cleaning my face with a cotton pad (with cleansing water to remove the sunscreen). I feel like it’s pretty soothing on the face but in in terms of hydration… :/

3. COSRX: One Step Original Clear Pad

I bought this in a gift set during Christmas Sales ’17. Everyone (bloggers and YouTubers) claimed that this toner pad was phenomenal, life-changing and so on.

Upon tearing the seal of the container, you’ll be overwhelmed with the strong scent of tea tree (oil?). Personally, I like it as I’m a fan of herbal-ly, flowery and practically anything that smells of plants. The application of this product is a little unhygienic as tweezers aren’t provided to pick out the pads so you need to make sure that your hands are clean and not stained with whatever products that you’ve been using previously to not contaminate the products within.

The toner does not dry down upon application even after waiting for ~30 minutes. It leaves a shiny residue that gives you a greasy feeling. You might find your skin producing more oil around your T-zone. I tried not applying anything after the toner and carrying on with my skincare routine ~5 and ~15 minutes after using the pads. I always find my skin feeling very heavy and greasy after using these pads (IT’S GROSS) These pads also didn’t help (maybe it just wasn’t significant) with the bumps on my skin or acne.

TL;DR the COSRX pads were my least favourite. I like the Hada Labo Tamagohada but I hope to see more significant results soon. I wish the Innisfree mist provided more hydration.

I’ll be sharing more about the skincare products that use soon, stay tuned! What are the skincare products that you like and dislike? Leave a comment or PM me, I’d love to hear from you ♡



  1. From what I know, toners are used to remove the dirt that might still be left on your face after cleansing. But nowadays a lot of people do double cleansing so most toners nowadays are used to balance your skin’s pH, exfoliate, provide hydration and such. Mists often only provide a boost of hydration for a short period of time.


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